uFun uToken Golden Truth vs Bold Hype

What is uFun uToken all about?

The name uFun and the term uToken are making rounds in the web world with a new-found sense of buzz and anticipation as to what is expected in the near future.

Can UFun UToken be the golden ticket to a new international trade exchange? Can it rival Bitcoin as the world’s top used and traded digital currency?

For many uToken have already become the most useful virtual currency that also allows them to earn handsome amount through network marketing, but still there are many who are new to the concept.

Is it still too early in time to imagine a world where we are paying for everything on the internet via digital currencies? What if you are starting to pay for Golden Eagle Flights all with a few simple clicks of a button and that’s all it takes?

We aim to provide the truth versus the hype towards providing the web searchers and users, in general, a brief and useful idea about the company uFun and their unique virtual currency uToken. We will also highlight how the uToken holders can benefit from this new crypto-currency.

What is uFun Club?

uFun is a company that aims to be the largest e-commerce platform of the world, very soon. The Team uFun International was established in the year 2014 with the objective to be the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Highly competitive pricing and the scope to use discount coupons on the goods and services of different brands and companies marketed through websites is expected to fuel the growth of the concept quickly.

uFun is currently working with the motto to introduce buyers as well as sellers to the www.utokens.com and www.ubartertrade.com platforms by using their uToken digital currency for exchanging products and services.

What is uToken?    

The concept of virtual currency introduced by the company uFun is not completely new in the market.

utoken by ufunVirtual currencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins are already there, but the unique part about uToken is that this internationally-favored digital currency is the first one in its class that is backed by a bank reserve, which ensures the full safety for your money invested.

The uTokens are first time issued by uToken Reserve Limited, a private bank managed by an international board that includes bankers and managers from different parts of the globe.

The sustainability of uToken is also supported by the structure of the business model which is claimed to be self-sustainable. This is the great debate about the Truth or Hype system that has opportunity enthusiasts excited about the potential future of trading a value-packed, financially-backed online money platform.

The features of uToken vs Bitcoin

ufun truthuToken has unique features that add to the usability of the currency. In the next lines we will summarize some of its unique features that will also help to understand what uToken is all about.

  • uToken can only be purchased from an existing uFun Club holder who is a member of the uToken group.
  • You can trade the uTokens on utokens.com and www.ubartertrade.com.
  • uTokens can be directly transferred from one holder to another.
  • These digital currencies can be directly exchanged to pay for services or goods such as flights, hotels, rent and food; and also enables you to avail the most lucrative discount offers.
  • The uTokens can be used and exchanged from any part of the world through the internet by using not only your laptop, but also your smartphone and tablets.
  • The company levies particular percentage of fees on issuing of membership as well as transaction of uTokens, which makes the system crash proof.
  • The commission system of uTokens is the most lucrative part of it; which makes it really fun, because you go on earning a certain percentage of uToken currency as every new referral joins the group or sells his/her uTokens.

Many love to know what bitcoin is and how UFUN’s UTOKEN will rival it in the near future. The truth is out there, but combing through all of the hype and

So, uFun and uToken is all about money and using it in the most intelligent way while adding continuously to your basic sum through network marketing.

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