Cogniflex Brain Pill Review

Cogniflex Review

Cogniflex is a popular “nootropic” supplement that promises to deliver enhanced cognitive functioning as well as improved brain health. According to the manufacturer of Cogniflex, clinical trials show that Cogniflex could improve concentration by 312% and boost IQ scores by 77%.

However, can Cogniflex really achieve this?

What’s in Cogniflex?

Cogniflex contains several ingredients in its’ proprietary formula but the most potent ingredient is phosphatidylcholine. This chemical compound has been studied several studies and has appeared in clinical trials. These studies suggest that this chemical can boost cognitive ability, albeit percentages are not given.

Some of the other ingredients in Cogniflex include hyperzine-A, vinpocetin, DHA, bacopin, and picamilon. If you’ve researched other nootropics, then you’ve probably seen one or two of these ingredients before. Unfortunately, the maker of Cogniflex doesn’t actually tell us what each ingredient does.

Benefits of Cogniflex

Reviews of Cogniflex describes the benefits of its’ ingredients very clearly on their official website. According to Cogniflex, taking the oral supplement twice a day can:

    • Improve Memory Recall, Reaction Time, And Mood
    • Support Optimal Brain Function
    • Counteract Cognitive Impairment Due To Age
    • Boost Nerve Growth Factor Receptors In The Brain
    • Reduce The Age-related Loss Of Brain Cells

These benefits are what you’d typically see in most nootropic supplements and “brain pills.” This is why Cogniflex describes itself as a smart supplement and why it claims to boost mental functions to improve things like your focus, memory, intelligence, and motor skills.

Does Cogniflex Really Work?

From what we can tell, there’s a good chance Cogniflex can actually deliver some cognitive benefits to users. As we’ve said before, phosphatidylcholine has been the subject of several studies and time and time again, the evidence would suggest that it can effectively boost mental functions.

A study conducted in pregnant mothers even found that phosphatidylcholine could make their babies smarter after they were born. Essentially, the babies were more likely to respond to a stimulus when the mother took phosphatidylcholine than when a mother did not take it. Babies also responded to stimuli much earlier when phosphatidylcholine was taken.

The other ingredients in Neruoflexyn also have some clinical support, albeit not nearly the amount as phosphatidylcholine.

How Much Does Cogniflex Cost?

Cogniflex can be purchased online either through a free trial or through regularly ordering. The “free trial” will give you a 60-day supply of Cogniflex, although you will be billed each month after the trial is up.

If you just want to order Cogniflex, then you have three packages to choose from. One bottle will cost you $49.95, three bottles will cost you $99.90, and a five-bottle order will only cost you $149.85.

There’s also an autoship program, which means you can receive a bottle of Cogniflex until you cancel. This is very beneficial to you if you decide you like Cogniflex.

Final Thoughts

Cogniflex may not instantly make you a genius, but it’s significantly better than other “brain pills” we’ve seen. Its’ ingredients have been tested several times and we feel it may be a nootropic worth using, especially for beginner users.

How Jeunesse Global Founders Took The Company To The Top

Two ambitious medical students with a vision, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, started Jeunesse Global – a company specializing in anti-aging products. Instead of heading for the glitz and glamor of the industry, they went straight to creating contacts, patenting technology and reaching out to the global market.

They worked on perfecting their products and setting up efficient customer service – a must for gathering a loyal customer base. As a result, a company soon to be 6 years in existence has already carved a niche for itself in nearly 85 countries across the globe.

How Did Jeunesse Global Rise In Popularity

With its annual earning claimed to be at $500+ million already, it has raised many eyebrows. After all, in the cosmetic industry’s anti-aging market, the company is hardly an infant compared to many of the long established names. Its success lies in multiple factors.

From the hard work and determination of the founders, the attention paid to detail and the breakthrough technology used in its products, everything contributed to its phenomenal success. It has already left a mark upon the commercial market in multiple countries, and how could it not?

Their products are very different from many others available today, for they are known to leave a lasting impression.

Both Ray and Lewis had ample entrepreneurial experience before the launch of Jeunesse Global. But it was perhaps their hardships and difficulties along with a fated visit to Dr. Newman that was the start of this successful enterprise.

The groundbreaking stem cell research incorporated within their products works not only on the appearance of youth, but on making youth last longer.

The products make their customers feel and appear young, thereby leaving an enduring impression. Critics have been impressed by the launch of their products under the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.).

These are known for their wide range of benefits including cleansing, lifting, detoxification and restoration of skin. It is a dream come true for many as they attempt to allay the effects of aging. This can be seen especially in their recent release, Finity. It is an incredible product created using Nobel prize winning technology to provide one of the most advanced anti-aging products till date.

Developing and Growing Jeunesse Global

In developing an unprecedented range of cosmetic products, the pioneers have not forgotten the need for loyal distributors. In fact, in order to create and maintain contacts, they provide a lucrative and beneficial compensation for them called the Jeunesse Global Financial Rewards Plan to the distributors. Moreover, since anyone can opt to become a distributor, regardless of age and experience, this plan depicts fair play and understanding, thereby arousing devotion.

Randy and Wendy have attempted to create an air of familial bonding, propagating their belief in equality. This is perhaps also the reason for the ever increasing number of distributors as the company continually expands its reach across the globe.

Randy and Wendy have perfected every last detail, even their social media and twitter are very active and engaged. Ranging from a specially created social media platform that enables an easy and accessible global outreach to intense research leading to the creation of exceptional products, no detail was too small to perfect. For this, they have attained thousands of distributors world-over, a phenomenal level of success in a short time and an unshakable platform towards the top of the anti-aging industry.

The company sees exponential growth year after year. With their direct sales business technique, even the economic depression of 2012 was unable to slacken their pace of progress.

Jeunesse Global is a remarkable example of entrepreneurial skills and technology working together to result in incredible success.

uFun uToken Golden Truth vs Bold Hype

What is uFun uToken all about?

The name uFun and the term uToken are making rounds in the web world with a new-found sense of buzz and anticipation as to what is expected in the near future.

Can UFun UToken be the golden ticket to a new international trade exchange? Can it rival Bitcoin as the world’s top used and traded digital currency?

For many uToken have already become the most useful virtual currency that also allows them to earn handsome amount through network marketing, but still there are many who are new to the concept.

Is it still too early in time to imagine a world where we are paying for everything on the internet via digital currencies? What if you are starting to pay for Golden Eagle Flights all with a few simple clicks of a button and that’s all it takes?

We aim to provide the truth versus the hype towards providing the web searchers and users, in general, a brief and useful idea about the company uFun and their unique virtual currency uToken. We will also highlight how the uToken holders can benefit from this new crypto-currency.

What is uFun Club?

uFun is a company that aims to be the largest e-commerce platform of the world, very soon. The Team uFun International was established in the year 2014 with the objective to be the largest e-commerce platform in the world. Highly competitive pricing and the scope to use discount coupons on the goods and services of different brands and companies marketed through websites is expected to fuel the growth of the concept quickly.

uFun is currently working with the motto to introduce buyers as well as sellers to the and platforms by using their uToken digital currency for exchanging products and services.

What is uToken?    

The concept of virtual currency introduced by the company uFun is not completely new in the market.

utoken by ufunVirtual currencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins are already there, but the unique part about uToken is that this internationally-favored digital currency is the first one in its class that is backed by a bank reserve, which ensures the full safety for your money invested.

The uTokens are first time issued by uToken Reserve Limited, a private bank managed by an international board that includes bankers and managers from different parts of the globe.

The sustainability of uToken is also supported by the structure of the business model which is claimed to be self-sustainable. This is the great debate about the Truth or Hype system that has opportunity enthusiasts excited about the potential future of trading a value-packed, financially-backed online money platform.

The features of uToken vs Bitcoin

ufun truthuToken has unique features that add to the usability of the currency. In the next lines we will summarize some of its unique features that will also help to understand what uToken is all about.

  • uToken can only be purchased from an existing uFun Club holder who is a member of the uToken group.
  • You can trade the uTokens on and
  • uTokens can be directly transferred from one holder to another.
  • These digital currencies can be directly exchanged to pay for services or goods such as flights, hotels, rent and food; and also enables you to avail the most lucrative discount offers.
  • The uTokens can be used and exchanged from any part of the world through the internet by using not only your laptop, but also your smartphone and tablets.
  • The company levies particular percentage of fees on issuing of membership as well as transaction of uTokens, which makes the system crash proof.
  • The commission system of uTokens is the most lucrative part of it; which makes it really fun, because you go on earning a certain percentage of uToken currency as every new referral joins the group or sells his/her uTokens.

Many love to know what bitcoin is and how UFUN’s UTOKEN will rival it in the near future. The truth is out there, but combing through all of the hype and

So, uFun and uToken is all about money and using it in the most intelligent way while adding continuously to your basic sum through network marketing.